* 27.12.1996 - ? (3.9.1999)


m: Aileen Nika - Dograce Champion, Champion Beauty + Race

o: Abadan El-Čeky - Champion of Slovakia, Dograce Champion, Club´s Champion

Barmin was „man dog“. He had astonished character and natural autority, he never fought and other dogs respected him. After by way on Mistership of Europa in Germany was car-accident which made man which drove us there. Barmin lost and we never found him (we returned on place accicdent, asked police, shelter, surroundings villages…) 

26 races, all time in final (13x1st place, 11x2., 1x3.)

Best time: 37,18 s (480 m)

winnerGrand Prix + title CACIL 98+99

winner Jarní Derby

winner Středoevropské Derby

winner Bohemia Prix

champion of Moravia

Champion for beauty+race

2nd place champion: Čech, ČR, ČR 280 m

Dograce winner: 2nd place 98+99