* 27.12.1996 - 26.3.2012


m: Aileen Nika - Dograce Champion, Champion Beauty + Race

o: Abadan El-Čeky - Slovakia Champion, Dograce Champion, Club´s Champion

Batinka was reserved to other people. She loved her calm and to be near her people.

She knew nice „smile“.


50 races (49 x open, 1 x senior)

Best time: 36,93 s (480 m)

Champion for Beauty + Race junior

Champion for Beauty + Race open

Champion of Bohemia 360 m

Champion of Moravia 1998+2000+2001

National Champion Czech Republic

International Champion CZ 2000+2001

2nd place Champion Bohemia 480m 1998+2001

2nd place Champion Bohemia 360 m

2nd place Champion CZ 1998+1999+2002

1st place Coursing 2001

1st place Coursing 2004

Dograce winner: 2001 – 2nd place

                            1998+1999 – 4th place


Champion of Moravia


She was mother  "C" Nika