* 27.12.1996-  † 9.3.2009


m: Aileen Nika - Dograce Champion, Champion Beauty + Race

o: Abadan El-Èeky - Champion of Slovakia, Dograce Champion, Club´s Champion

New keeper gave him name Apolo and first time he cared very well about him but after he had some problems and he found new of keeper for him. First time it seems in order but after they found Apolo to run after surroundings. People which found him wanted Apolo to return but keeper had not interest, so they let Apolo at home. They don´t knew his name so they decided for name Apolo. "Apínek" was their darling (he sometime abused it) and went on dog-races with him. At home he was friend tom-cat Bobeš. And after came still his small nephew Cinko.

45 races (32 x open, 13 x senior)

Champion Beauty+Race 2001+2002

2nd place Champion Inter Bohemia Derby+title


3rd place International Champion Czech Republic

3rd place Champion CZ 280 m

3rd place Bohemia Prix

3rd place Holiday Trophy

3rd place Slovan Cup



Champion Beauty+Race

2nd place Champion Czech Republic 280 m

2nd place Champion Czech Republic

3rd place Inter Bohemia Derby

3rd place Slovan Cup 2003+2004

3rd place Grand Prix

3rd place Autumn Derby