* 1.7.1999 - 5.4.2009


m: Badana El-Čeky

o: Mohaházy Azhar, International champion Austria, Austria´s Dograce winner 1993 - 1997

Démon we bought when he was already a little older. He was very talkative and also pig-headed so we need time perfectly to understand together. But because he was also very kind, we managed it without „fight“. In Czech lived also Démon´s sister Daka.



2x Champion Bohemia

Champion Moravia

2x Champion Czech Republic

Champion Czech Republic 280 m

2x Champion for Beauty+Race


2005 + 2006 - 1st place



9.7.2005 - Kolín - Excellent 2                       16.7.2006 - Kolín - Excellent 1, Best Veteran

63 of races


Best time: 36,75 s (480 m)

Champion Czech Republic 280 m

Winner Inter Bohemia Derby + title CACIL

Title CACT

Winner Středoevropské Derby

Winner Slovan Cup

2nd place champion Bohemia

2nd place champion Czech Republic 280 m

2nd place championPodzimní Derby

3rd place champion Bohemia

3rd place champion Moravy

3rd place champion ČR 2002+2004

3rd place International champion.CZ 2001+2002

3rd place champion Grand Prix (in male 1.)

3rd place champion Jarní Derby

competitor of World Mistership (Germany)

competitor of Europa Mistership (Hungary)

Dograce winner: 2001 – 2nd place

                            2002 – 4th place

                            2004 – 2nd place

                            2005  4th place