Afghan which is he?


When somebody want buy afghan he should be had to know some informations about Afghans.

And what kind is he?

Majestic, dignified, inaccessible, mysterious. Playful, intelligent, attached, temperament and fast as wind. But he can be also pig-headed, own, not obedient, destroy your nerves, but also to do pleasure for yours and to be kind.

To other people´s is not trustful and reserve. But exist Afghans which love all people and dogs. He is not dog for each. If you want Afghan only for it should be „at least somebody“ listened at home you, Afghan will be not it the right breed for you. Sure is not for peple which want after dog absolute obedience. Afghans obedience very like ignorate.

At education we must go from it Afghan was all ages educated to independence, he must alone to decide and now when he has keeper which want decide alone, he not became to be „marionette“ which only perform command. He is not many dog, he is only animal which live with people. Afghan need also many of movement. But it is not possible to let him to run in each places, he come when he acknowledge come in useful him. But you let him free movement but only on places where is not danger injure for him. He can also to run dog-races. 

Of course to not problem life together man and dog is need some rules and education.

Afghan has big hunting instinct but he can learn be good to „his“ animals which live in his home (cats, other home animals). To his cats is kind but when he see out other cat he want hunt her.

Afghan live with us at home. Out is badly on his hairs and he need be with „his“ keeper together. At home is quiet and kind. As his keeper he choose who care and many interest about him. Afghan love one home and not like change keeper.

Afghans are intelligent but some peole say they are stupid. But it is for it Afghan not like to do things about which he thing they are unnecessary. But without problem he can learn things which are useful for him (open door, waste basket, ice-box, …). If he want he learn quickly, but what not want learn it take long time.     

Afghans are show´s and dog-races´s. For his long hairs it is not possible to do both when we want do one or two on top level. 

When Afghan become wet he has not typical smell „wet of dog“.

Sometime people say Afghans not moult , But in time moult  several hair you find at home. Dog moult  usually  twice in year, but because temperature difference at home is not so big as in natural conditions is not moult  so big. So with appropriate hairs you get along in usual clean.  

Still you want Afghan?

What you must let know (matter of course you give dog love, care and eat)?

Afghan will be not blindly to listen and to perform your commands instantly. Yes, he do what you want but for love to you not for command. Afghan grow up slowly (physicaly and psychicaly) and it is age about 3 years.        

Care about puppy of Afghan is the same as about other puppies. All what you want he must do – you must learn. The best is teaching by play. You need patience, time, sympathize and immeasurable love. By mistakes or vulgarity education dog become histerical, or aggresive and it is very hardly or at all can be set right.

You also must care about hair. It can be problem for new keepers. Puppy you cumb (he has not long hair still) but he must be on cumb usual.

But other is Afghan normal dog and if you are ready to respect speciality of his character and to take Afghan as equivalent friend you can Afghan tu buy.