Afghan = all-round dog – come in useful


Good for trips


Batombanga – rock trip in Liběchov

Bed´s partner  

Batombanga – a rest after a race

The home friend 


Britany – helping with coal


Making a relation

Badaira – let´s go to play

The dog detective

Batombanga detection everything (especially food) 

The dog guard

Britany – nobody can go inside the tent


The dog teacher

Amanda teaching Barzoj´s to run

The cheerful dog

Biambotinambou – rest after lunch

The dog camouflage

can you see me?


The dog spectator

Bona a Bakar – you´re not drunk,

we are two sure J

The dog friend

Danae+Klotylda+Abak –

- isn´t this cat lovely?

The dog for sailing

Berry+Badaira – hygiene is

very important


The snowing dog

Ariena – first snow came finally, hurrah!!!

The racing dog

Bangou – hard time on training, having fun in an action

The showing dog

The Big Bang – beauty and elegance



The dog winner


Démon – it doesn´t smelt like a ham      and it is not possible to eat it,too