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15.11. 2009 - Dvůr Králové n.L. - Anubis Cup - Coursing

   On the end we this year still went on one coursing. Morning was mist so way not very good.

On place was mist too, but on the end lost and was quite good day. It was in dog´s areal and there we saw cats (it was something for greyhounds, but all cats stood in order when greyhound went at home), one racoon and some cows.

   Afghan was 3 - as usually our Casper and female Gracie and Císařovna. Of course results also as usually: 1. Casper, 1. Garcie, 2. Císařovna.


31.10. 2009 - Kolín - Training

   This day was also coursing in Kralupy, but on the end we went on last run to Kolín.

   Came quite many afghans. 2 came first time, 2 ran solo, 1 female and our Casper and Cody. We wanted take more dogs, but we were only 2 and we had with us small Vojta and of course Alfíček was with as.

   Casper ran with female and we Cody let to ran a little after them - he is fastly them they.


28.10. 2009 - Birthday of litter „C“

   Now it is 6 year when borned our litter „C“. We have one girls and two boys at home. Other girl live in Germany, one boy in Kraslice, other in Brno.

   We very much congratulation all from „C“ and wish many health and beautiful time with their keepers.


Casper Nika, Czanie Nika, Cannondalle Nika


25.10. 2009 Greppin - Mitteldeutsche Herbstmeisterschaft

   This day were race also in Lednice but to Greppin we have nearly than Lednice and we hoped will be more afghans there.

   Area in Greppin is nice. Weather first time was not very good was cold but after was quite good and was also sun.

   In Saturday was show here - was 14 afghans here.

   Afghans ran 490 metres, seniors 277 metres, sand, infinite hare. There were about 90 of dogs in race + some solos. From Czech Republic came our afghan Cody, 1 saluki, 2 italian greyhounds, 3 greyhounds a 11 whippets. 

   Afghans were 12- 3 senior mix (1female + 2 males), „B“ classe 3 males, females 3 and dogs also 3.


Senior mix:       1.Hadiyyah von Katwiga - fena           

                          2.Faros von Katwiga - pes

                          3.Panjshir´s Aziz - pes


„B“ třída psi:    1.Ana Shakti´s Arman

                           2.Bursztynowa Bona Fincennes

                           3.Raid el Banjas


Feny:               1.Adira el Qasir

                        2.Ayesha el Qasir

                        3.Lea nam mana Baschy


Psi:                  1.Anubis el Qasir

                        2.Cassedy´s Cody

                        3.Laios nam mana Baschy





9.10. Bratislava - World Dog Show

   On show was 20 021 of dogs from 60 of countries, 160 of judges from 38 of countries. Afghans were from 21 of countries. Most from Czech Republic 26, after Italy 20, Germany 16, Slovakia 13, Russia 12, France 11. From other countries less than 10. Only one afghan were from Mexico (no came), Croatia, Slovenia and USA. Judges gave 30x very good, 3x good, 1x insuficcient.

   Afghans were in two rings - female + BOB: judge Wheeler Stehen (Swe) male: Canalizo Michael L. (USA). From greyhounds were afghans 3. (155 dogs - 63 females and 92 males), in open classe were 29 of males  (first were Irish wolfhouds with 198 of dogs).

   From Czech republic 4 afghans not came, excellent got 7 afghans.

   World Winner had 3x Sveden (CAJC, BOB, Veteran), 2x germany (CAJC - Best Junior, CAC, CACIB) a 1x Slovakia (Veteran - Best Veteran).

   All afghans were beautiful, but winner - Best of Breed - can be only one.




3.10. Kralupy n.Vlt. - Mistership of Czech Republic

   In Kralupy we went with Casper. From afghans came still Gracie (her afghan-friend was on show). Both dogs ran nicely, also weather was good, so what more to wish.


4.10.2009 - Mladá Boleslav - Boleslav´s Cup

   In Sunday family a little changed and also not went Casper but Cody. Came still Gracie and Císařovna. Gracie ran only two solo (Císařovna rest after yesterday show). Came still young Nastasija and because she had not sparingpartner on licence examination she ran with Cody. Weather was a little worse than in Saturday but was quite good only was a little wind.


26.9. Kolín - Mistership of Bohemia

  Into Kolín we took Cody and Casper. As other afghans came Gracie and Císařovna (second female went only on solo run).   Weather was beautiful  so we had a nice day.


1. Cassedy's Cody

2.CAsper Nika

3.Gracie Blue ze Zličínských Luk




19.9. Lednice - Mistership of Moravia + Mistership of Slovakia (for Slovak dogs)

  Into Lednice we almost not went because car was broken. Luckily in Friday was in order. In Saturday morning was nice weather so it was nice but by way was not very nicely. But in Lednice early came sun and was nicely all day. 

   From afghans were there only our Cody and home Křesťan Robert. First run ran Cody quickly, of course not it was how we use, second run was us we know and time 35,74 s. And still was there also young Ahdir (he has the same keeper as Křesťan) and he also ran one time as training and he has very nice time 36,06 s.




13.9. Mladá Boleslav - Mistership of Czech Republic

  In Sunday family must separated - somebody went to Leipzig with Alf (he got CAC) and other on race with Casper.

   There were only 3 afghans - Casper and two girls (our old knows). One female not had her day and stoped. Other two dogs went to goal and because they are female and male - both have title of mister - Gracie Blue and Casper.


12. - 13.9. Lipsko (D) - International and national dog show


   Leipzig is only 2 hour of way, so we decided to go there. We went with friends (only on Saturday) - 6 of people, 4 of dogs (none afghan) and 2 cars + of course cameras. Weather was good, greyhounds was out so it was nice for us and on do photos, too.

   Afghans was 30 (5 not came), two was from our republic - male and female. Judge was Elmar Sistermann from Germany.

   BOB got female from champion classe ICh Esme del Ghirio, CACIB also dog from champion classe Ch Be a Dream a Touch of Freedom. 

 12.9.09 - FOTOGALERIE                         13.9.09 - FOTOGALERIE


5. - 6.9. Gelsenkirchen (D) - Mistership of Europa  


   We went (way was about 620 km long) in Friday. All Friday´s night was rain it was not very pleasant. But morning was weather good. In Saturday was 2x rain but after was good weather. On race came 466 of dogs.

   In Saturday was some problems - not ran all runs and saying results finished after 10th hour evening. In Sunday it was better, finished about 6 o´clock evening.


   From our republic came 39 of dogs (27 EM + 12 Friendship). 3x sounded Czech anthem. In faraon won Esme - like as last year, 2. Bir Abu, 3.Fariv, 4. Tifla from Germany, 5. Fibi, 6. Aken Asis. In saluki females won Medea and greyhound males Fenomen. From 50 of whippets was in final our Kento. And still two whippets females were in final of Friendship - 2. Halina, 3. Grande Tequila. So Czech dogs were 3. best (after Germany and Switzerland).


   Evening we told with friends and to home we went in Monday morning.

   In Saturday were in Friendship 7 afghans - 3 females and 4 males (all from Germany). Results:


1.Lea nam Mana Baschy - fena

2.Aschmad el Qasir

3.Cadash d´Avicenna

4.Aytalam´s Ashanti - fena

5.Cassan d´Avicenna

6.Targi vom Mandelberg


   In Sunday were 13 afghans female and 23 males. Cody had two sisters Chila and Celine and two brothers Curk and Cayne, here. Cody had second run better than first but on final it was not. Were here many very good dogs. In final was sister Chila and both brothers.



1.Cassedy´s Chila (Germany)                             34,92

2.Sag-I-Ashley Arya (France)                             35,35

3.Vayda v.d.Bremmen (Netherlands)                 35,45

4.Sag-I-Ashley Akhadya (Belgium)                    35,51

5.Paschdou´s Zayna (Germany)                          35,72

6.Sag-I-Ashley Ashanti (Belgium)                      36,27



1.Paschdou´s Zajim (Switzerland)                       35,15

2.Paschdou´s Yukon (Germany)                         35,27

3.Anubis el Qasir (Germany)                              35,69

4.Cassedy´s Curk (Belgium)                               35,71

5.Cassedy´s Cayne (Belgium)                             35,76

6.Xandramani v.d.Bremmen (Netherlands)        36,43




30.8.2009 - Litomyšl - Mastership of Morava - coursing

   From Česká Třebová we went with friends to Litomyšl. We little help with things for Sunday´s day, built tents and went to sleep.

   Afghan was 3 - old known - Casper, Gracie and Císařovna. Master of Moravia was Casper from male and Gracie from female, 2. was Císařovna.  


29.8. Kolín - Mastership of ČR 280 m  

   Into race we had only Casper, Cody we took only on training. Casper was only one afghan in race.

   After race part of family went at home - Alf went in Sunday on show (he got CAC) and part of family went to Česká Třebová.


Casper Casper - Mistr ČR



22.8.2009 - Karlovy Vary - Karlovarská Krajská výstava


   On show went Veronika with Bruno and said - come with me. So we said why not and

took Canny and Alf. On the end we went - 2 woman (not big handlers), 1 child (very energy) and 3 dogs (other races, other rings). So it was quite something, but good. 

   First was Bruno (6 beaucerons) - excellent 1, winner of class, region winner. Not long time and we see in ring are chinese crested dogs (8 hairless + 10 powerpuff), so we go with Alf, but he has not keeper Monika here so we are a little in fear. But Alfík is professional and - excellent 1, winner of class, region winner. Now we wait on afghans (3 dogs). And after came it - Canny showed inflexible pig-headedness of afghans and wanted not go to ring. And go on - I will be not going you do what you want it is your problem. Judge said very nice about Canny but last said - sorry I do not saw him in move - very good.  But still it is not end - Canny stand unconcern and wanted not go from ring. After he took a perch on the grass and sleept - so he showed as he „love“ shows.  

   Weather was good on show - sometime sun sometine not. We saw some friends, so we had a nice day.


Keny Alf all - Keny, Bruno, Alf, Vojta


1.8.2009 - Coursing Louny

   We went with friend Klárka which has barzoj, because other members of family went on show and holiday.

   Afghan was 4 - 2 female and 2 male. Casper ran in first run. We still looked on females and after we went on walk and bath to river Ohře as many other dogs. All day was very hot weather.

   Second run Casper ran with the same dog. Both boys ran very nice. Casper had few points in first run and in second for change has more points.

   Results: Males - 1. Casper , 2.Yasani Iram.

                  Females - 1.Gracie Blue, 2. Císařovna.



18.7.2009 Coursing Brno


   Early morning called friend – „Here is very big rain, I don´t know – to go on coursing or to stay at home.“ Here was not rain so we said  - „We go, you go, too.“

   In Brno was weather quite good. Casper was only one afghan there. First run was good. And was second run. Casper ran 4. run but after 8. run came big rain and coursing must be stopped after 8. run.

   Casper was 1. and still with 88 points was 2. best greyhound. First was irish wolfhound with 89 points.


start kill Alf is a driver




11.-12.7.2009 – Kolín – Show and Race

   In Kolín we went in Friday afternoon. Friends by now were there. So we helped them with big tent and after built our tent. After evening when went to sleep dogs we met with friends all together and grilled, told, sang and to sleep we went almost morning.

   In Saturday was show. Afghans were 5, judge was Ing. Hana Petrusová. Cody was surprised - What the matter? He came on race. Evening we again sat, grilled and told.

   In Sunday came on race 5 afghans. Sorry in final was problem with decoy but dogs were so that was sure who is 1., 2., 3. and so on.

   Results: 1.Cody, 2.Waikaremoana, 3.Vinou, 4.Arina, 5.Císařovna.

   On show was only Cody and Císařovna, so both are Champion for beauty and race.


start finále

stupně :)




5.7.2009 – Lednice – Grand Prix, CACIL


   In 5 o´clock morning we went with Cody to Lednice. Radio in car told - „in Morava sometime rain“. Yes, it was true - by way sometime was very rain which changed with nice weather. But after was very nicely and it was so all day.

   In Lednice was Emir - finally has Cody rival and never mind Cody probably will be not winner.  Afghans was 3 - results: 1. Emir, 2. Cody, 3. Křesťan.  



4.7.2009 – Křešín – coursing


   On this coursing we took Čejný and Casper.

   All afghans was 5, came still Císařovna, Gracie and Yasani. First run was good. In second run was problem with technology and when finally dogs ran - „hare“ again stopped. Keepers went to dogs and dogs went on from this place. But for Casper it was not ideal. But end good - all good. Dogs were in order - by way behind „hare“ were in these way keepers which cannot go out from way and dogs must run between them.

   Day was nice, weather wonderfull (quite many) all were sun-tanned. A little rain came on the end. Results: 1.Gracie, 2. Císařovna, 1. Yasani, 2. Casper. 



29.6. 2009 – Trip to Liběchov


   Veronika, small Vojtíšek and beauceron Bruno and we took Canny and we did trip to wood and rocks. It was quite warm weather so dogs bathed in each brook which we saw. Way by wood was nice and by way we looked on statues chiseled on rocks – heads, people and animas. We also found that by that time grow bilberries.




26.5. 2009

 Went out star went to sleep on agens.

In our hearts Britany STAY FOR EVER




21.6.2009 – Mladá Boleslav + Trmice


   This Sunday we went on two actions, so family separated – somebody went to Trmice where was show and other went to Mladá Boleslav on dog-race.

   Trmice – Alf and  beauceron Bruno got …..krajský vítěz

   Mladá Boleslav – we took only Casper, Cody was now 3x on dog-races, so we let him have a rest. It was not very interesant for him but better he was at home because on race when he should be not to run it don´t liked him at all.

Results: 1. Emir, 2. Casper, 3. Císařovna  


14.6.2009 – Krenglbach – Internat. Österreichische Meisterschaft, CACIL

   In Sunday we went with Cody on race to Austria. Afghans on race were 6. But were some other afghans here, maybe from local club.

   Cody had 2 big rivals – 3x Welt Mister Waikaremoana and excellent female Vinou. Oher 2 rivals we believed Cody will be winner (he ran with them sometime before) and last was long haired afghan (we don´t know him). Reality was beyond expectation – Cody was winner. Thanks very good run in first run we believed it is not chance but one never know. And came final… Cody ran the same excellently as first run and he is International Mister of Austria 2009

   For refer is not only Cody, but also other Czech dogs are International Mister of Austria – whippet female Leslie and whippet male Gilardino. Winner was also italian greyhound Chamsin Slovak´s keeper but she is from Czech breed.

Finále:            1. Cassedy´s Cody                          35,71

2.Waikaremoana v.d.Bremmen                   37,28

3.El Massoud Taziban                                  37,53

4.One With  the Show E-Bethsheba            41,25




Cody okukuje terén 1.Cody, 2.Vinou, 3.Waikaremoana Winner
stupně Koudýsek :)


6.6.2009 – Kolín – Kolínský pohár, bodovací, CACT


This time we took Cody and Canny a still came female Císařovna.

    Results:      1. Cassedy´s Cody, CACT,

2. Cannondale Nika, R.CACT,

3. Císařovna ze Zličínských luk



31.5.2009 – Gelsenkirchen (D) – Groβer Preis von Gelsenkirchen, CACIL


   This year will be here Mistership of Europa so we went try with Cody racing way (place is more than 600 km far from us).

   Afghans were in B-class 6 females and 10 males. In A-class 14 afghans as mix. Came also two Cody´s Brother – Curk and Cayne.

Results:          1.Paschdou´s Yoko Ona        35,82

                        2.Cassedy´s Curk                 36,04

                        3.Xapanachi v.d.Bremmen   36,08

                        4.Paschdou´s Zajim               36,65

                        5.Youriyah v.d.Bremmen      36,84

                        6.Xandramani v.d.Bremmen 36,89



3.Cody, 5.Curk


10.5. 2009 – Mladá Boleslav – Pojizerské derby, bodovací, CACT


   8.5. was coursing in Kralupy. We went not there, but we looked on results. There were 5 afghans (4 female and 1 male). On 1. place was young Gracie, 2. also young Yasmin Banu, 3. Císařovna and 4. Krize. Yasani Iram was also as only one male winner.


   On coursing (as after on race in Sunday) was TV Nova and in TV it will be 1.6. Víkend name „Rozbal to“.   


   We went in Sunday to Mladá Boleslav on race. Also here were 5 afghans – our Cody and Casper, other Gracie and Císařovna and on licence Nastasia. But she had not sparings so she ran with us. Run was not very good for he, she perhaps will be better next time and will be more afghans on races. First run was behind Cody Casper, 3. Gracie, 4. Císařovna. In final change place Gracie and Casper, so finish results were:

1. Cody, 2. Gracie, 3. Casper, 4. Císařovna.


30.4. – 3.5.2009


   Last week we had rest at home, this week we had some funny time.


3.5. – Banská Bystrica (SK) – National show of dogs

   Afghan was 9 (4 from ČR), judge Elžbieta Chwalibóg from Poland. Britany was Excellent 1. We had also Alfi, he got CAC and finished Grandchampion SK.


FOTOGALERIE - chinese crested + afghan


  Rest of family was in Praha again and helped with organization.


2.5. – Praha – International show of dogs

   Judge for afghans was Ing. Hana Petrusová (CR). From 27 afghans not came only 2. BOB was veteran Plamínek ze Zličínských luk, CACIB Bubu and Gracie-Blue. Our Britany got Excellent 1 Best veteran and finished title Veteran Champion ČR.




1.5. – Lednice – Lednice´s Cup

   As last race we decided if to go or to stay at home … and after we went. In Lednice almost the same - only we took not Casper, but Canny was together with us. And results as usually - 1. Cody, 2. Křesťan, 3. Canny.

   Again came Camarri and Will. Still came to look from Austria Vinou van de Bremmen, Arina el Benhazy and puppy Angee van de Bremmen (sister of puppy which live in Lednice).




30.4. – Burning of witches  

   We have tradition here burning of witches on the end of April. So we went to look. There were also music, food and funny football.


FOTOGALERIE + some foto from MVP Praha 3.5.09


25.4. – 26.4.2009

  This weekend we were at home, but we had good time. Dogs a little ran - especially Cody. After we did some work on garden - Čejný never mind it, other dogs had a to rest in house. Also was small Vojtíšek here on visit and we all went to look on competition of small ships, where came friends from training´s place where is going to train beauceron Bruno.




18.4. 2009 – Lednice – Vítání jara, bodovací

First time we thought we stay at home, but on the end we went. Greyhounds was not very much (hardly to say why – if because in Sunday was CACIL race in Marcheg, or for more people is Lednice far way). But came quite many various breeds.

   In afghans none changes – 1. Cody, 2. Křesťan, 3. Casper.

   To look came Camarri (our puppy from „C“ litter) with his keepers and other their afghan Will. It was nice to see all after some time again. Will did licence examination. And we also saw afghan which was import to our republic from excellent race´s kennel „van de Bremmen“.

1.Cody, 2.Křesťan a 3.Casper


11.4.2009 – Kolín – Spring Cap

Afgáni cames 4 – Cody, Casper a two female Císařovna and Celebrita. All day was wonderful weather. In pause we did small trip to water and Cody swam, Casper and Alf only a little went to water. Results: 1. Cody, 2. Casper. In female was 1. Císařovna (Celebrita stopped).






Some time come day which we wish it never came.

Good way behind rainbow bridge, Démon… WE NEVER FORGET ON YOU


5.4.2009 – Dresen – National show of dogs

Monika went with Alf and Britany on show. There were 16 of afghans (8 female + 8 male). Britany was in veteran classe, she got 1. place, BEST VETERAN, VET.CAC, VET.VDH.




28.3.2009 – Kralupy – coursing

Weather was quite bad, but afternoon was a little better. From afghans came only 2 females (from 5 of register) and 5 males. Other two females were on licence examination and two young came tried to run. And about 3 small puppies came only to look. So there were afghans – puppies, youngs and grown-up, too.

First place and CACT was Aragorn, in female was 1. Císařovna. Our Casper was 3. and Canny 5. We had also Alfík - he ran as training.


red - Casper



9.3.2009 – We got sad new


Bífítr went behind rainbow bridge. We think on you forever.


28.2.2009 – Chrudim – coursing training

From afghans were there Bady, our Czanie and Canny. So they ran together.


we go on the start





21.2.2009 – Meeting from race and give prices to winners for year 2008.


Cassedy´s Cody – Race winner 2008

Casper Nika – Coursing winner 2008 + 2. place Race winner 2008

Cannondale Nika – 3. place Race winner 2008


10.2.2009 – Again was snow so we did some photos.



7.-8.2.2009 – Brno – Duo CACIB International show of dogs


We were to help with organization. And in Sunday was on show Alfík.

In Saturday was 37 of afghans – judge H. Sistermann (D).

In Sunday was 19 of afghans – judge Štefan Štefík (SK).

On BOB both judges „agreed“ – Olivia Newton J. Gandamak.  




11.1.2009 – Olomouc – National show of dogs


Afghans was 26. Britany was alone in veteran. She got V1, BEST VETERAN.