June – December 2010


Started nice weather and so we spent time outdoors with our dogs and was not time to write news. Actually nothing new happened – we always went to the races and coursings and had together enjoy time, walking, running and telling with friends.


2.6.2010 - our dog in magazine ELLE :o)


on top Casper Nika, at the back Cannondale Nika :o)


7.5.10 - Very sad day.

„If from the tears could build a stairway, I went after it to heaven and bring you back home.“






4.4.2010 – Radslavice – Hanácký cup, coursing

   From Kolín we went quite late, so on week-end house we came very late in night.

   Morning we went to Radslavice where was coursing, it was near. Race was on two ways – were many dogs.

   We sleept on week-end house again and in Monday morning we went to home.

   Results: 1. Gracie, 2. Císařovna, 1. Casper.




3.4.2010 – Kolín – Inter-Bohemia, CACIL

   And started also first race on „oval“.

Afghans were only Gracie and Cody.

After race went Cody to home, came Casper and we went to Morava.





27.3.2010 – Kralupy – Jarní Kralupy, coursing

   And coursings started…

   On race was 5 of afghans – girls Gracie and Císařovna and boys Casper, Justin and Yasani. Were with us also beauceron Bruno with keeper and small Vojta and friend Sabina which never saw coursing on her eyes. Weather was nice and race finished in good time.

   Results: 1. Gracie, 2. Císařovna, 1. Justin, 2. Casper, 3. Yasani.



28.2. 2010 – Meetink and training

   In Sunday was in Kunětice meetink for friends races and coursings. And there were also training. First time we wonted not go on training, but weather was good, place on run nice, so Casper ran. And we saw some friends and so we had nice day.




1.1. 2010 – New Year´s trip

   Local tourist club did (as each year) trip on mountain Stropník. This year we decided to go too. We went two women and two boy-dogs Alfik and Cody.

We went about 20 of people and 7 of dogs. Trip was nice, we went about 12 kilometres.